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Interactive Runbook

Recently, I鈥檝e been on a search for interactive runbooks. My team has several use-cases for such a tool including: repeatable, runnable procedures a REST book that can be used to query and validate APIs to document complex API integrations First, a bit about my team. We鈥檙e globally-distributed, and maintain a growing number of microservices built mostly using Mulesoft, but with some AWS services, Drupal, and Symfony in the mix. We鈥檝e been transitioning to Mulesoft and API-led strategy from a mostly PHP-based fleet of apps....

2022-04-02 路 4 min 路 741 words 路 Nathaniel Hoag

Making a Go Command Line Tool from an Open Api Spec

I recently assembled a CLI app using Go and Open API and wanted to share some of the process. Summary of Steps Acquire an Open API spec Generate a Go API client using OpenAPI Generator Generate a Go CLI using Cobra Integrate the API Client into the CLI Build Detail I wanted to automate pulling search results from Sumo Logic, and took a look at the Search Job API. Sumo Logic provides a pretty robust Open API spec for most of the APIs they offer, but unfortunately Search Job API is not covered....

2022-03-06 路 2 min 路 367 words 路 Nathaniel Hoag

Laracon Online 2018 Recap

I recently attended Laracon Online 2018 and got a lot out of it! I happened to see a tweet about early bird tickets in January and couldn鈥檛 pass up the opportunity. I鈥檝e admittedly been sheltered in Drupal/Symfony over the last several years, and it was a bit of a shock to see the popularity and rich features of Laravel (like Rails for PHP). The presenters were knowledgable, practiced, and engaging. The format flowed well and was expertly M....

2018-02-08 路 3 min 路 556 words 路 Nathaniel Hoag

Saved by Layered Docker Images

Several years ago, I created a fleet of bots that pull data from one API and post to another API. Over the years, the bots have needed various interventions to get them back up and running, but I鈥檝e shied away from upgrading underlying technologies. Thankfully, when I put these bots together, I used a system of layered Docker builds. I didn鈥檛 remember having done this, but after a quick review it became clear that this update was going to be easy....

2018-02-04 路 2 min 路 247 words 路 Nathaniel Hoag

New Year, Shiny Dots

Over the last few weeks I鈥檝e been digging away on my dotfiles and figured I鈥檇 write up the interesting aspects of the various decisions, methods and changes involved. The high-level overview is that I moved to a bare Git repository structure, added an installer script and some light multi-OS support, and added automated linting and a few basic tests. After using a symlinked dotfiles system for a couple of years, I got curious as to whether there might be decent alternatives....

2018-01-21 路 3 min 路 473 words 路 Nathaniel Hoag