Helpful Tidbits

September 04, 2016

Reading time ~1 minute

Below is a smattering of helpful tidbits from the last several months.


Case-insensitive search: Add -i to your LESS environment variable


Hide fieldgroups with all child fields: field_group_hide_field_groups($form, array('field_group_name'));


"Disable" the dock by setting a long autohide delay: defaults write autohide-delay -float 5

Clear the clipboard: pbcopy </dev/null


Consider the following:

# 'HELLO' + newline
echo HELLO | wc -m
# Just 'HELLO'
echo -n HELLO | wc -m

Google Hangout

  • Toggle camera: ⌘ + e
  • Toggle microphone: ⌘ + d

Much better than using a mouse!


  • Toggle the case of characters in a word: g~iw.
  • Show all whitespace characters: :set list
  • Replace a character with a newline: Use \r instead of \n
  • Delete all lines that match a pattern: :g/pattern/d

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